-Nip/ Tuck- PILOT:

-Nip/ Tuck- PILOT:

Nip/Tuck just ended last week, after seven years. A good reason to watch or watch again the first season, is the reception different now in 2010? It is the first time that i’m watching this show not because I was not interested by the subject but because the easiest way to watch it was on French TV (as I grew up in France). You must think:  «what’s the problem?»… The probem is: I hate French dubbing!

Now that I am studying Films in the US for one year and that I have great assigments like watching a show, I can enjoy Nip/Tuck in its all Americaness.

«Tell me what you) don’t like about yourself». This first sentence (which is recurrent in the episodes) could sum up the whole show. Dr Sean Mc Namara (Dylan Walsh) is looking towards two brothers who (later in the episode) turn out to be criminals. We understand that the action takes place in Miami because Sean has to deal with many Latinos and he can’t speak a word of Spanish. Dr Christian Troy (Julian Mc Mahon) is Sean’s partner. Together, they create a great opposition which is introduced between their lives, through intercut sex scenes. Sean and his wife, Julia (Joely Richardson), engage in passionless intercourse, («are you finished honey?») whereas Christian is a womaniser who doesn’t hesitate to use his job as a tool to seduce. The editing between the two men is quite succesful giving an interesting dynamic visual rhythm. Dr Troy takes coke while having sex with a model who wants to be perfect. She says: «I don’t want to be pretty, I want to be better, I want to be perfect». Her line is pretty shocking and shows a sensitive problem in our societies nowadays. The idealistic will to be perfect. She asks Christian where the defects in her face and body are located and with her lipstick he points out all the areas that she could change. She says «Am I really this ugly?». Nip/Tuck seems to be the modern Dorian Gray.

One of the surgical operation is really disgusting and very crude but the fast editing with the music «Paint in black» performed by The Rolling Stones is really powerful.

Good music, rhythm, action  … so far so good.

Christian doesn’t have limits. He seems ready for everything involving money. He says «I have a business to ride» when Sean wonders where all that money from the two brothers comes from.

Julia and Christian have something together, each time they see each other there is an obvious sexual tension. Christian seems to be really in love with her and he looks totally different from the character that he tries to be. Sean, Christian and Julia know each other since college. Julia seems to have chosen Sean. Julia wants an operation on her breast and she asks Christian to take a look at them. He says: «The symmetry is perfect, your breast are perfect». Julia is his weak point and I don’t think Christian is the jerk that he pretends to be.

This first epidode also shows really briefly a flashback where we see Christian when he was a little boy, this flashback suggests a painful past which deals with pedophilia.

After turning down operating on a burn victim, Sean has a crisis of conscience and wants to leave the practice. Sean’s son Matt (John Hensley) wants a circumcision because the kids at school are mocking him and he also wants to please Vanessa his girlfriend.

Sean and Christian almost part ways but are forced back together when one of the brother seeks revenge.

Christian is kidnaped by a drug criminal. He wants to know where is Sylvio Lopez (criminal he operated). Lopez stole his money and raped the little girl of the drug criminal chief. Christian doesn’t want to speak so the boss gives him lots of botox shot.

The brother kills sylvio, his own brother and let the corps to the two doctors.

The first epidode ends with Sean and Christian burying Sylvio Lopez’s body in a lake filled with alligators.

After all this action, they want to start a brand new business with moral rules.

The show’s format is established as well as the characters. We have so much informations in one hour! Already off to a great start, we find Sean as a man in crisis and Christian as very likeable jerk with redeeming qualities.

Action, humor, good music, great characters, sex and violence… all the ingredients for a successful show which is not in the mainstream of the new shows released that same year. For example 24h is much more traditional and totally fictional  compare to Nip/Tuck which has a great sense of truthfulness in all its facts.

Rating: 5


2 Responses to “-Nip/ Tuck- PILOT:”

  1. March 6, 2010 at 6:17 am

    WOW! Seems like you got yourself a really juicy series on your hands. The first thing that stands out in your post is your overall enthusiasm for this show. Just from your first post alone, I am already interested in Nip/Tuck. My girlfriend use to watch it and told me how good it was but I never really sat down and gave it a shot. I guess that says a lot about me as a boyfriend; that I would get sucked into a show by a complete stranger’s blog than my own girlfriend!! I thought you did a good job in summarizing the plot. I especially enjoyed your use of quotes from the show. I believe giving quotes let’s the reader get a better idea of the characters. How does this show compare with the ones in France? In terms of plot/characters/content, etc.? I look forward to reading more of your posts. I know I am suppose to give some critical feedback to help you with your blogging but I think you did a great first post!

    • March 9, 2010 at 4:46 am

      Thanks for your comments. I’m pretty happy that you didn’t fall asleep in reading my first post because it was difficult to summarize the plot with all the informations. The French shows are pretty bad actually. I don’t know why because from my point of view French cinema is doing great but concerning the tv shows, it is a disaster! I think French shows are focusing on the psychology of the characters and not on the action. It is very slow and boring and when we try to do action shows oh my God it is worst than ever! But I think French shows don’t have the money to be ambitious and that one of the main reason: money. French screenwriters are afraid to write something like “Lost” because they know it will be impossible to shoot.

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