-Nip/Tuck-Episode 2- Mandi/Randi:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 2- Mandi/Randi:

Six weeks later.

Christian and Sean have hired a pro bono  psychiatrist.

The epidode starts with a breast operation, pretty gross even the assistant faints!

Mandi and Randy are twins. Mandy wants to change her face, Randy wants to change her body. They both  have a tattoo on their back that they are showing to the doctors. With a naughty look, they smile at the doctors and Christian says: «God it’s good to be back!» We discover the opening credits.  The appearance of all credited characters is rare like in Lost. The song embodies the theme of the show saying: «Make me beautiful, Make me beautiful, Perfect soul, Perfect mind, Perfect face, And perfect lie». The singer has a kind of a robotic voice and the only image is a plastic model, a red pen is writing on it.

Sean gives a condom to his son Matt. Sean’s daughter is looking for her mouse. But she doesn’t know that her mother, Julia killed it.

Christian wants to get tanned. He says to the girl at the frontdesk: «Just a regular bed for me sweetheart, i’m a traditionalist». Inside the UV room, he sleeps with the woman from the frontdesk but he is hallucinating because he sees Julia’s face.

Matt wants to make love with Vanessa but she doesn’t want because he doesn’t have a circumcision.

Liz (Roma Maffia) is working with the two doctors, she was there when Sylvio Lopez was killed.

Sean asks Julia: «Say you still in love with me and I’ll stay». She doesn’t say anything so he is moving from his home to go to the Hotel.

The twin’s operation is done with a great song: «Make your desire reality».

The plumber finds the mouse in the toilet (it’s the location where Julia killed it). He is very worried by this kind of behaviour and he judges Julia: «What kind of mother are you?»

Matt and Christian are in a strip club. Christian wants Matt to be more confident so he could loose his virginity. Matt is in love with Vanessa, he doesn’t want to sleep with a stranger. It is not a problem for Christian who sleeps with the girl he had chosen for Matt… But again, he sees Julia’s face so he’s very mean to the strip-teaser: «You want to keep your carnaval face!»… He is so mean but ok I must admit that this line made me smile!

One guy wants to change his dick now. He had so many operations. Next scene: Sean is cutting a cucumber and he explains to Christian the penis size of that guy.

Christian is jogging with the psychiatrist and he tells him his obsession about Julia.

Christian comes to Julia’s place and he invites her for a diner the next day. When he sees her, he hugs her… He has a hard-on so he says to her: «We’ll pick this up tomorrow night»… Suspens, suspens… But I’m not sure about his intentions.

One of the twin is crying because a male nurse hasn’t looked at her, she thinks her sister is more beautiful than her. They regret the operation, they want to be like they used to be.

Sean is thinking about dating the twin’s psychiatrist, Christian encourages him to do so.

Sean is very bad at dating.

Juliet is ready for her date with Christian and when she enters in Christian’s room, she sees him in bed with the twins. Julia is so upset, she runs away to the beach. Christian comes to her and he says: «I thought you said 7:30», he encourages her to give another chance to Sean. I was right deep inside, Christian is a good guy, he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship and his business with Sean. But i’m sure this story with Julia is not finished. It is now a good element for the show.

Sean and Julia are arguing but the argument ends up with a pretty wild intercourse.

Sean doesn’t want to do a circumcision for his son, so Matt decides to do it by himself.

With a bottle of wine, he tries to do it but as soon as he sees the blood on his hands, he faints. Pretty stupid kid!

Rating: 5


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