-Nip/Tuck-Episode 3-: Nanette Badcok.

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 3-: Nanette Badcok.

Mickael Jackson look-alike wants another operation. The diagnostic of the doctors is: «Dellusional». «You need to stop having surgery».

Matt shows to his father his own circumcision, Sean is not mad, he wants to communicate more often with Matt.

Grace Santiago is the new psychiatrist, she is very sexy, I have no doubts she will have sex with Christian.

Dr Troy is with a patient, Miss Nanette Badcock an obese woman hates herself and wants to be someone new. Grace understands that Miss Badcock takes some lithium.

A cop knocks on Sean and Julia’s door. In seeing the cop, Sean has a flashback of himself with Christian burying Sylvio Lopez(episode 1). But the policeman is here for a totally different reason. He wants to see Julia because she killed a mouse and it is forbidden in the state of Florida to hurt animals. She has to pay a $500 file.

Matt’s operation: Sean is shaking so Christian does it. When Sean gives the scalpel to Christian a classical music starts and the scalpel opens a woman stomack.

Christian calls Miss Badcok and refuses the surgery for «unrealistic expectations». She says that she’s ready to pay more, but he refuses. She is really mad at him and scream: «I hope you’ll get cancert!»

Christian’s car is damaged, it is probably Miss Badcok who did it.

Scene between Matt and his father pretty touching. Sean wants to be here when Matt will urinate. Matt says: «Just give me some privacy»… But when he starts urinated, he asks for the hand of his daddy. Cute.

Grace Santiago visits Miss Badcok. On her walls, there are pictures of top model everywhere.

The business is sued by a faithful client, the plastic surgery-addict Ms. Gruber, after Sean accidentally leaves a surgical tool inside of her body. The woman who is pretty old in her sixties (but tries very hard to look younger) wants to have sex with Christian and she won’t sue them.

Matt enters in Vanessa’s house. The music is very loud and when he comes to her room, he sees her kissing a girl.

Dr Troy and the old woman are going out together. It’s the moment for Christian to save his business and to sacrifice himself. The woman says: «You want the lights on or…», he immediately says «Off». When he caresses her, she starts to cry: «I haven’t been touched by a man like that in twelve years, since my husband died… I know i’m pathetic for my perfection». Troy is pretty moved by her story and he says: «You are beautiful, unfortunately, we live in a world where only one kind of beauty is recognized anymore».

Sean calls Miss Badcok to reconsider a new discussion. She almost commited suicide with a gun but when she hears that she might have a new chance to change her face/body she puts the gun in her bag.

Sean explains to Miss Badcok that the operation is impossible, she needs to see a psychiatrist. She puts her hand in her bag, we are afraid she is going to take her gun and shoot Sean but she just takes a pen out of her handbag.

Since Matt’s operation, Julia and Sean are getting along very well. Julia is going back to college. Sean wants to know if Matt is happy with Vanessa and he says to his dad: «It was great, it was everything I wanted it to be».

Matt cries in his room.

Miss Badcok is watching at the model’s pictures on the wall, she puts the gun in her mouth and kills herself. There is blood on these beautiful images of perfection.

Song of the credits: «You’re so damn beautiful».

This episode was the most emotional episode so far of Season 1, and the last few minutes were utterly heartbreaking. Christian must learn to deal with Mrs. Gruber while Matt has to be fully circumcised for medical reasons only. Nanette Babcock, the patient after whom the episode is named, is truly a tragic person. She seems like a nice young woman who is suffering from weight problems, but there is much more to her than it appears on the surface. This episode was powerful in so many ways, including the writing, the realistic dialogue between father and son, and especially the acting.

Rating: 4


3 Responses to “-Nip/Tuck-Episode 3-: Nanette Badcok.”

  1. March 7, 2010 at 3:11 am

    Great blogs once again! The only thing I would watch out for are some spelling and grammatical errors. I understand that you just came here recently,and personally I think you are doing an outstanding job but we are suppose to help each other improve with our blogs. Also, maybe you should try to leave a rating (1-5) at the end of each episode. I would love to read why and how much you liked or disliked each episode. Quick question, was Matt crying because he was happy or did he not have sex with Vanessa? I get the feeling you like Christian the most. Am I right? Who do you like the least? I look forward to reading more of your blogs and your reactions to the plot and characters.

    • March 9, 2010 at 5:00 am

      Ahhh the spelling and grammatical errors, I know and I try to read more and more to improve myslelf. That’s a really good idea the rating, I will do that.
      Do you think I should summarize less each episode and write more about my personal feelings? I think I tried to do that on my post on the episode 4 because at the end it was a bit boring to summarize each second of the show.
      Matt was crying because he did the operation for Vanessa and he surprised her kissing a girl… so as a romantic he’s disappointed, he won’t have sex with her because she betrayed him. You are right, well done, Christian is the character I like the most because to me he has a great psychology and he has two personalities very interesting. Julia is the character I like the least for the moment, her midlife crisis is annoying and seen before. Well, I will see maybe it’s gonna change.

  2. March 14, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    Please don’t fret in regards to the grammatical errors, I think you are doing an outstanding job!! I was born here and I still make mistakes! For the spelling, just use spell check in Microsoft word, that should solve that issue. But again, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for clarifying the Matt situation. And with summarizing, I noticed that I tried to summarize the entire episode on my blog but it became too much of a pain in the @ss. I now focus on the plots that interest me the most. I love the parts of your blog when you give your feelings/perspective on the characters and plots. Keep up the great work!!

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