-Nip/Tuck- Episode 4: Sophia Lopez

-Nip/Tuck- Episode 4: Sophia Lopez.

Interesting enough episode. I have been losing taste very, very quickly for anything involving Matt’s sex life. He’s finally losing his virginity (thanks to Christian) with an actress. After the self-circumcision I was ready for that whole thing to just be put to rest for good, but I guess the show is about surgical bodily mutilation so such a request sounds a little ridiculous. I didn’t like the way the whole story about his first sexual experience was handled when he thought he might have an STD … hopefully the teenagers in the audience will take note.

Sean and Julia are pretty funny in their new sexual life but Julia annoys me in her role of the frustrated mother who wants to go back to college. Her professor is an old friend from college. She had the time to finish medical school. But not Julia. So cliché!

The transsexual story was not very good. I was having a hard time eating while I was watching the show, but I guess Nip/Tuck isn’t the best show to be watching dinner in front of, you know?

Sean discovers that his professor from college is a kind of a butcher who does barbaric operations on transsexuals.

But the thing that really drove me nuts was at the end when Christian buys a new car and gives the keys to Matt so he could drive. Matt pauses for a second and then tosses the keys back, saying You know what, I’m not you, uncle Christian. I want a girl to like me for who I am, not for the car I drive. Hahaha! Does that kind of guy really exist?

So Christian gives back the car and he’s so sad because everybody is mad at him and he‘s so lonely. Poor Dr Troy!

To sum up, I didn’t really like this episode.

Rating: 2


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  1. March 14, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Great job again! I really enjoyed reading this blog because you gave your thoughts on the stories and characters; your personality really shows through when you do that, which is great! I totally understand what you mean in regards to some stories or characters that are just too commonplace. Hollywood loves beating a dead horse with the same old stories and characters.

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