-Nip/Tuck-Episode 5- Kurt Dempsey:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 5- Kurt Dempsey:

The summary of the previous episodes focuses on Christian and his ability to seduce women.

«Tell me what you don’t like about yourself?», «my eyes» is the answer of a man who wants to have Asian eyes to be accepted in his girlfriend’s family.

Julia is doing a pregnancy test: «shit, shit, shit» she says. Oh no!!! It’s going to be so cliché, again! I have the feeling that Julia takes all the clichés of the show for herself, that’s not cool for her.

Christian is in a night club, the editing and the music are once again really successful. I like the way the images and the sounds are faster as soon as we see Christian.

Julia has a good grade at school and she’s probably going to do another breakdown because of her pregnancy and her desire to continue her studies.

Christian has some issues with Grace, the psychiatrist. I’m sure they will have sex together. Grace enters in Christian’s office and sees hime having sex with a girl. She later recommends him to go to sex addicts anonymous meetings. He hates her more. Christian meets a woman he used to know. The woman is obviously really mad at him and tells him that he has a 17-year-old daughter. Christian goes to a meeting and meets a woman named Gina who is also a sex addict, they later hook-up that night. He asks her to leave his appartment in the middle of the night.

The eyes’ surgery is really disgusting but the song «Lovefool» by The Cardigans is well chosen in that scene.

Another operation: This time on a woman’s nose named Ellie. She says she had a car accident but during the operation, they figure out that it was not an accident. Someone hit her and it’s probably her husband.

Ellie says to the doctors: «I forced my husband to break my nose», she hates her nose and a flashback shows us the husband hitting her wife. «What’s my crime?» says the husband…. “Loving her too much?”

When Sean tells Christian that Julia is pregnant, we can see the disappointment in Christian’s eyes.

Julia has to stay in bed for seven months because she has some problems with her pregnancy. Matt tells her: «I can’t believe you are doing this again… having a baby you don’t want… Maybe you’d be a doctor today if you hadn’t had me.»

Against the recommendations of her doctor, Julia takes the exam, she doesn’t feel good and asks Jude (her classmate) to drive her to the hospital.

Christian meets Grace in a bar, he apologizes for having judged her when she asked questions to Ellie.

Another sex scene with Christian, we don’t see immediately the face of the girl he’s having sex with, but we understand this is Grace. This time Christian doesn’t have to ask the girl to leave, she’s leaving without saying any words. He watches her back, her legs, he actually seems pretty attached to her.

Julia miscarries, she’s relieved even if she’s sad. Sean tells her how she never really wanted the baby.

The Asian girlfriend calls Sean to tell him that she is now engaged. Her family found out that his boyfriend was not Chinese but they accept him because what he did, the surgery, was a great proof of love.

I didn’t like Julia’s pregnancy in that episode, it was not really necessary for the plot. Matt’s intervention is not as powerful as wanted, I don’t like Julia’s reaction towards her son, it is not very realistic. But Christian’s issues were pretty good, I look forward to the next episode, to see how he is going to act with Grace now that they had sex together.

The two operations that we have in this episode deal with love and show what a human being can do for Love. In contrast, we have Christian unable to love and a family pretty confused.

Rating: 3


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  1. March 14, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Fantastic blog! (I noticed that I used the word “great” too many times so I wanted to switch it up) Your blogs really give me a good idea what this show is about. I trust your opinion on the characters and I am totally interested in this show now. Christian seems like a guy that has it all but only on the superficial level, which is fitting for a show about plastic surgeons. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs, excellent work!

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