-Nip/Tuck-Episode 6- Megan O’Hara:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 6- Megan O’Hara:

«Tell me what you don’t like about yourself» asks Sean to Miss Burger. She just lost weight and wants an operation on her «wings», she shows her arms to the doctors and there is actually lots of flab to clear away. She met a guy online, it’s been six months that they are  dating over the phone and now the guy is pushing for a meeting in three weeks. Miss Burger wants to be hot for him. Sean says: «You’ve been living a lie», Dr Troy adds «Let’s make a honest woman out of you».

Someone vandalized Christian’s car, he thinks Miss Badcock did it (Episode 3). He learns that she killed herself. He now blames Grace because she is the last woman he slept with and they have been some tensions between them. «What would my motive be» says Grace. Dr Troy answers: «You want the power and I have it», she says: «I may have pushed you button but you didn’t push mine… Translation, I didn’t have any orgasm when I slept with you, your narcissism was so sickening that I had to get out of your apartment fulfilled or not, I slept with you cause you are a lost little boy». Christian approaches her closely and says: «You are a liar, you came three times!» She answers like this: «Close the door» and they have sex in the office!

Sean sleeps on the couch. So far, I really like Sean’s relationship with his son but once again, Matt is playing the psychiatrist and it is not very realistic. Matt tells his father that he is depressed because of the lost baby. Matt wanted a brother and asks his father if he had thought of a name for the baby. Sean wanted to name his baby «David» if it was a boy and then he cries.

A scene, later in the episode between Sean and Julia shows that the couple is not the same anymore, Julia wants to have sex with Sean but he doesn’t want, he doesn’t want to take another risk and wants a vasectomy. Sean: «Did you have any names picked-up for the baby?» Julia «No and you?», Sean: «No».

Vanessa is back in this episode, she has some problems to satisfy her girlfriend Ridley and asks Matt to help her. Matt: «Get a dildo», Vanessa: «I can’t, she’s allergic, help me and I’ll satisfy you». She is proposing a three way!

Matt wants to have Christian’s point of view but he doesn’t want to give him any advices at first, he’s afraid to corrupt him, but then, he says: «rules number one, it’s all about the ladies, you are there to please them. Rules number two: It’s all about the ladies…»

Christian’s boat is vandalized. Christian calls all his last girlfriends. This moment is quite funny. Gina and Kimbar call him back. Christian meets Kimber at a shooting, he meets her manager and fiancé, Nico. Christian tells her: «I treated you like shit, you deserved better, you still deserve better». They have sex in the shower.

Christian sees Gina near his car, he really thinks that she vandalized his car. She says that she is there to inform him about a  sex addicts anonymous meeting but he doesn’t believe her, they have a violent fight together.

Nico comes in Dr Troy’s office to destroy everything, Christian understands Nico’s act because he slept with Kimber. Sean judges Christian because he had sex with a former patient.

A chemotherapy patient named Megan O’Hara is considering breast implants because of the radiation poisoning she is diagnosed with, she cannot have children and would like to get breast implants for her husband Jim. We understand that Sean is having some feelings for Megan, he is moved by her story and her loss. Megan cancells the operation and she broke up with her husband.

In the parking garage we see Sean walking with Megan. Cut to Christian entering the parking garage in time to see Sean kiss Megan. Sean says to her: «I felt like a healer with you, it felt good, goodbye Megan».

Dr Troy rings at Kimber’s door and tells her: «You’re the patient I want to take a chance with». He wants to try and be a one woman guy and thinks Kimber is a good start.

Vanessa tells Matt: «It is not a way for us to be together, I love you as a friend but that’s it», Matt answers: «I feel the same way», yeah right! During the three way, we can see that Matt is really jealous of Vanessa’s girlfriend. He wants to kiss Vanessa but she rejects him. Later, he kisses Ridley with  his eyes open glaring at Vanessa, “Oh yeah, this is for you bitch, feel my pain.” Vanessa tries to interrupt, but Ridley’s not having it. Vanessa gets out of bed, heartbroken.

The episode ends up with Miss Burger and her date. She’s now as sexy as she wanted to be, ready to meet her soul mate. Unfortunately, the guy is ugly and fat, he lied!

I loved the plot line between Matt and his ex. It was hilarious when Christian was calling up all his girlfriends. I really loved  Sean in that episode, he is very moving in his relationship with Megan. The three-way scene was so realistic in its awkwardness. Matt seemed so clueless and he didn’t know what to do! The part with his ex was pretty saddening. Great episode that continues expanding the world of Nip/Tuck.

Rating: 5


1 Response to “-Nip/Tuck-Episode 6- Megan O’Hara:”

  1. March 14, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    I’m glad to see that you really enjoyed this episode and gave it a 5. When you wrote “three way” I was thinking this episode definitely deserves a 5!! I’m a guy, sorry haha. On a more serious note, I am thrilled to see that this episode brought you back to really enjoying the entire show again. The last couple of episodes seemed just so-so to you. What do you think will happen between Christian and Kimber? He doesn’t strike me as a guy who can settle down with just one woman. It seems like Sean is going through a real roller coaster ride in terms of his emotions and relationships with women. If I had to give your blogs a rating, it would be a perfect 5! Keep up the excellent work!!

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