-Nip/Tuck-Episode 7- Cliff Mantegna:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 7- Cliff Mantegna:

Kimber is dressed like a whore, she tries to answer Christian’s fantasy in playing the prostitute.

Mr Mantegna has a gynecomastia and wants an operation, he is a partner-swapping and wants to be ready for the big swapping event in a famous club in Miami called «La scène».

Jude and Julia are flirting. She is obviously attracted to him but he just wants to be a plastic surgeon, he wants Julia to ask her husband to take him as an intern. Julia sees some picture of jude half naked, she takes one for her that she puts in her study book.

Julia catches Matt having sex in his room with Vanessa and Ridley. She blames Sean to have given his son a condom. Julia wants to meet the parents of the two girls.

Megan is a chiropractor and Sean consult her pretending that his neck hurts. While she is massing him, he is having an erection.

The meeting with the parents’ girls is pretty awkward. Sean tries to be the cool dad whereas Julia is playing the uptight bitch. Matt is playing the psychiatrist once again. The scene is relevant because we understand that Ridley is in love with Matt.

Jude wants to bring Julia to the swapping party.

Christian brings Kimber to the swapping party. She is sad because she understands that she can’t satisfy Christian. She ends up with a girl and Christian watches them.

Sean opens Julia’s study book and discover Jude’s picture.

Matt informs Sean that he has a date with Ridley. Sean doesn’t approve, he doesn’t want his son to be a bad person and to steal Vanessa’s girlfriend.

Jude goes to the swapping party with a blond girl. Julia? No it is one of Dr Troy’s patient. Christian sees him and thinks Julia is with him.

Mr Mantegna has the hepatitis C, now he has to inform all his sexual partners. «What am i going to do? I don’t want to be monogamous!». Dr Troy probably recognizes himself in Mr Mantegna because in staying with Kimber, he’s obviously trying to fight his own demons.

Christian fires Jude and warn him to stay away from Julia otherwise, he will call Miami’s university. Jude says: «You can’t do that, otherwise I will tell your partner that you’re in love with Julia».

Sean tells his feelings to Megan: «I can’t stop thinking  about you… Just tell me you don’t feel the same way and you won’t see me again». She doesn’t want to be with him because he’s married, she says: «I don’t want to be vulnerable with a man I can’t have». Sean says: «Who says you can’t have me…» and they kiss each other.

Julia rings at Christian’s door to have an argument with him about Jude’s firing. Julia says: «This is about you and me, you can’t stand the competition, if someone else is interested in me, you can’t stand it, you can’t have me!». Christian says that it has nothing to do with her, he is just trying to protect Sean. They kiss each other. Christian looks so confused and really in love with her. Julia: «You know what I was just thinking about?» and her answer is «Jude»! What a b… !

This was a pretty interesting episode, all about the lifestyle of swingers. This episode wasn’t extraordinary or anything, but it fits in well with the first season. I was quite surprised by the romance between Sean and Megan, I thought it would stop just after one kiss. I like their story whereas I still don’t like Julia. Her feelings for Jude don’t seem real and she hurts everybody in that episode, Christian, Sean and Matt.

I think Kimber is also a great character. Her desire to satisfy Christian is relevant of a loneliness and a desire to be loved in return.

Rating: 4


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