-Nip/Tuck-Episode 8- Cara Fitzgerald:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 8-Cara Fitzgerald:

Matt and Henry (his Jewish schoolmate) smoke pot together and they accidentally hit a 16-year old girl which was tying her shoelaces while Matt was driving. They thought it was just an animal and left, but Sean reads in the paper about the Cara Fitzgerald case.

Miss Devon Greco wants her nose changed because it reminds her of her abusive father, Christian refuses the case as unrealistic expectations.

Michael Shannon insists Dr. Troy handles the embarrassing birthmark-removal from his ball-sack «in time for his expensive honeymoon» within two weeks.

Matt visits the student in the hospital who is into a coma. He meets her mother Kate and pretends that he is a member of the prayer club Cara founded. He learns that her family are Christian Scientists. He prays with the mother who says «Please, help to find the monster who did this to her».

Sean is having an affair with Megan. She now insists to have a breast implants. Grace Santiago’s indiscretions makes both partners want to fire her, and find out about each-others unprofessional relationships.

Matt tells Sean only that he cares for Cara ands asks him to do her plastic surgery.

Christian is shocked to hear on TV his “about to marry” patient Michael Shannon is a Catholic priest who just escaped trial for sexual abuse of several young boys and realizes they helped the monster hiding a revolting crime. This story about child sexual abuse reminds us the first episode of the show when Christian had terrible memories of his own childhood.

The operation on Megan’s breast is different from the other operations we had seen so far in this show. It is not a pop/rock music but a classical one, the editing is not really fast. Sean is doing the surgery and we can definitely tell that he has strong feelings for this woman.

Sean tries to convince Cara’s mother not to refuse «sinfully unnatural» plastic surgery and gets a court order so he and Troy can do an urgent operation to save her eyesight.

Christian changes his mind about Devon Greco who admits she lacked the courage to press charges before the death of her father.

Christian goes to confession with father Shannon for the first time in twenty-two years: «I’ve lost my Faith, I’ve drunk, I’ve done drugs, I’ve lost my soul, I’ve fornicated with women and I’ve treated them like trash… The boys you raped will say the same things in twenty years, did you know that?» The Priest  confesses to the police under Christian’s threat with a scalpel. Now Christian tells Sean about his own abusive foster father Mr. Troy who bribed him to «sell his body» as a boy.

Deep and dark secrets are finally revealed in an emotional storm of information. I really liked the final scenes, they are incredibly moving, and Julian McMahon (Christian Troy) gives an amazing performance (as always). Matt also goes through incredible conflict. John Hensley, who portrays Matt, shows a new good performance in this episode.

Rating: 5


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