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Nip/Tuck: Final post…

Thirteen episodes, two months of Nip/Tuck and blogging, what an interesting experience to watch a show for your homework! It was my first experience as a blogger and I must admit it is kind of hard to express yourself through a show like Nip/Tuck. I watched this show at home, I was all the time by myself in front of my computer. There is so much sex and violence, that I couldn’t take the risk to link that to my personal life. I know that the purpose of a blog is to get the personality of the one who writes it. I’m not sure you are getting my personality through this blog but I think I tried pretty hard to get the whole story of this first season. I hope it would give the curiosity to some people to try the Nip/Tuck experience. Anyway, I really liked watching this show and because I like Nip/Tuck you can have a taste of my personality. I think I will have the desire to watch the other seasons. My favorite character is still Christian Troy, very well portrayed by Julian McMahon, his psychological evolution as a character is obvious. I don’t really like Julia and Matt who are always put in cliches situations.

I am curious about the feelings that Julia and Christian have for each other, I’m wondering if something is going to happen between them.

I’m pretty sure that Julia and Sean’s marriage is not going to last.

Lots of people told me that the other seasons are pretty bad so I want to check this out. Lots of people were also surprised to see that I chose this show, I heard lots of negative things about Nip/Tuck. The first season was good, lots of scenes were pretty bad and cliche as I already said but a show can’t be perfect. There were lots of sex and violence but it is not the only things that can summarize Nip/tuck. This show deals with deep issues concerning our modern societies: the desire to be perfect, beauty, immigration, racism, religion, sexual identity crisis, the will to perfection that can lead to loneliness… Nip/Tuck is original in its agressive ugliness and in its will to reflect a crual reality which exists. Some people can face it but it is always hard to see the “ugly truth”.


-Nip/Tuck-Episode 13- Escobar Gallardo:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 13- Escobar Gallardo:

The episode starts with a shot on the big breasts carrying coke implants. It looks like their surgery business is starting to be a factory of cocaine!

Christian tells Kimber that he is going to be a father, she is still very mad at him. Kimber lives with Merril now and they are going to get married. Merril is the surgeon who wanted to be the partner of Christian. Now, he wants Christian to move from the city because he is jealous that Kimber still thinks about Christian.

Julia shows the video of her first delivery to Gina. Christian and Sean were in the room. Gina is surprised to see Christian in the room but Julia tells her that they were very close. The first one to carry Matt is Christian not Sean! Julia is pretty moved to watch this video.

Julia’s credit card is denied. She speaks with Sean «You need money? take this» and Julia gives her wedding ring. «Don’t you give up on me» says Sean.

Merril operates on a dog who dies on the table. The scene is pretty funny actually, not because a dog is dying but because Merril tries to save it in doing mouth to mouth with it… Marel wants to throw up.

Gina wants Christian to make love to her to facilitate the labor. Nine months have already passed! She is fed up with carrying the baby. «You started this mess now it is time to finish it!»The sex scene is really funny, they have some problems to find the good position.

Christian: «Jesus, how do fat people have sex?»

Christian says to Sean: «I have never thought I’ll be a father, I didn’t think I had that in me but many ways, i’m more of a man now that I ever thought I’d be»

Sean: «Julia and I are getting a divorce. It’s ironic isn’t it? You’re starting a family and i’m losing one».

Another breasts operation with the cartel monster Escobar watching the scene. Escobar wants the kidney of the girl: «one kidney, I make $100 000!». Sean refuses to do it and Escobar shoots Liz’s leg. They have to take out the kidney.

Christian tells Julia the story of Escobar, he wants her to help Sean.

Sean is desperated, his business is ruined and his wife wants a divore. He exchanges Julia’s ring for a gun and goes to Escobar’s place. Escobar sees the gun and laughs, he doesn’t think Sean has the guts to kill him. Sean is not like Escobar, he doesn’t want to kill. Escobar wants a new skin, a new face to hide himself from the authority: «You do it and you are free, you can have your life back».

Julia comes to Sean’s room hotel: «I want my ring back»

Sean: «I don’t have it»

Julia: «I don’t care, come home!»

Gina is in labor, Christian is here, he is the first one to see the baby, we think  the baby has a problem, is she/he born dead?  No actually it’s a boy and he is black! What a surprised! poor Dr Troy! He doesn’t want to leave the baby, he loves him: «he’s my son».

Julia gets the paternity results. We don’t see anything but in looking at her face we can guess that the father is not Sean.

Four months later: Escobar has his new face and is finally leaving Sean and Christian business. On his way to the airport, the FBI arrests him. The face that the doctors gave him is the face of another criminal named Jorge Barco.

FBI: «Mister Barco a world of advice, next time there is a warn out for your arrest for bank robbery and murder of a federal agent, do more than change your name, change your face». The FBI agent shows him the newspaper with the picture of all the wanted criminals: Jorge Barco and there is also the old him: Escobar Gallardo.

Looks like the story with Escobar Gallardo is not finished, this kind of character always comes back.

The episode ends with Sean and Christian smiling to the camera and asking: «tell me what you don’t like about yourself?»

Nice final episode at the image of the first one. Dynamic and powerful, not sad as it used to be in the middle of the show. Funny and dynamic. I was very surprised by the end with the black baby, I didn’t think Christian would like to raise this baby, apparently he has changed, he’s even ready to forgive Gina. Next season will tell us and there is so many unanswered questions. I can’t wait to see the reaction of Sean, Christian and Matt when Julia will tell them the truth, if she does it, but i’m pretty sure, she will. It is a good beat for the action of the show, cliche though but this kind of story always works.

Rating: 5


-Nip/Tuck-Episode 12- Antonia Ramos:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 12- Antonia Ramos:

Miss Maria Amador has two implants in each breast. She thought that she would be hired as a model with such a big breast but she is not.

Breast operation and again we see every details of it! Nice! In the implants there is cocaine and the guys that we have seen in the 1st episode enters to take the drugs. Eduardo Escobar, the baron of Columbian drug wants Maria to travel again to have a new implant operation in Columbia.

Escobar: «Small price to pay for the chance of the American dream», Christian wants to call the police but Escobar says: «Sylvio Perez, you remember? I’m sure you remember where you put his body» (see episode 1). Sylvio Perez stole the money from him in order to get a new face, he wants the money back.

Sophia Lopez meets Julia at the gym. Julia is embarrassed. There is a petition in that gym class to fire Sophia, Julia doesn’t want to sign it. Sophia doesn’t leave the class but all the other girls leave but Julia.

The scene between Christian and Gina is pretty funny, they argue all the time.

Sean and Christian are looking for money.

Matt tells Julia that Sean told him about the affair that he had with Megan. Julia is so mad at Sean.

The doctors have to do a late surgery in order to pay Eduardo Escobar, Liz figures out what is going on. The operation that they were supposed to do is cancel because another girl named Antonia Ramos with cocaine in her implants is not fealing good. A cocain implant exploded in the plane. The doctors try to save her. As soon as the Columbians have the coke implants, they leave letting Antonia Ramos with Sean, Christian and Liz.

Antonia Ramos is better, she says «It’s true what they say about the US, people are better here», she wants to be a model but Liz tells her that the people lied to her, there is no permanent work for her here, she has to leave when her tourist visa expires.

Escobar comes to Sean’s house, threatens Julia and the kids.

Christian is concerned about Gina’s sex life, he doesn’t want her to have sex with guys while she’s pregnant of his baby. Gina cries because she 35 years old and so lonely, she is scared about having this baby. Gina sleeps on the couch but Christian wants to share his bed with her. Looks like their relationship is taking a new way.

Sean comes to Escobar’s house to kick him but Escobar tells him: «you continue to work with my clients and I let your family alone».

The episode ends with another girl who carries coke implants, Escobar is watching the doctor. Looks like they have a really big problem!

This episode was really better, finally! action! This story about the transfer of cocaine was really shocking. It reminds me a really good Columbian/American movie called: «Maria, full of grace». The screenwriters of the show were inspired, well done!

Rating: 5


-Nip/Tuck-Episode 11- Montana/Sassy/Justice:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 11- Montana/Sassy/Justice:

Miss Sassy Caine wants her «tankls» fixed, a contraction for «tank-ankles», alias piano legs and her visible veins.

Christian gets a visit from his nymphomaniac ex Gina Russo who announces she is pregnant from him:«I can’t do it alone, I need your support otherwise, I’ll get rid of it».

Sean can’t even grief Megan because Julia and Matt know who he is crying for.

Christian is not invited at his godchild Annie’s birthday party (the daughter of Julia and Sean). Julia is obviously mad at Christian because he didn’t tell her that he knew Sean’s affair with Megan.

Cara, the girl that Matt almost killed with his car recovered, the chirurgy worked, her face is perfect, only some scars and almost a total amnesia. Now, she wants Matt to go the the prier group with her.

Julia doesn’t want to have sex with Sean, she wants Sean to be tested, he might be infected because of Megan who had blood transfusion.

Sassy is reacting very badly to the operation, she’s having a mental breakdown. Sean asks her: «who is the president of the United States?», her answer is «Al Gore», «she’s fine» says Liz. Ah ah, I like these kind of political references. The doctors learned that she has a multiple personality.

Matt goes to the prayer group, Henry the jewish guy who were in the car with Matt the day of the accident is here too. «does your God forgive criminals?», Cara says: «we are all sinners, so I guess yes», Henry takes off the kippah.

Christian says to Gina that he accepts to help her with the baby, he is one day late and apparently she already had an abortion. She calls him «heartless» and an «unfit father»

Sean’s test results are fine but Julia still can’t have sex with him. He regrets to have told her about Megan. He wants Julia to tell him the truth about her feelings.

Sean: «you need time to forgive me, take your time but let’s not lie to each other anymore, if we want to start over, we gotta start by telling the truth, I don’t want to have a relationship that builds on lies, not anymore».

Julia seems confused, the camera zooms on her face:

Julia: «you’re right Sean, no more lies». This woman has some secrets! The camera zooms on Matt’s picture. There is obviously a lie concerning Matt. Sean is certainly not Matt’s biological father.

Grace Santiago and Sean visit Miss Caine, Sassy wants a breath reduction, the doctors don’t want to go ahead of the procedure. Miss Caine changes in Justice and calls Dr Santiago: «bitch». She’s kinda scary, speaking about justice and equality. Sean wants to schedule Sassy for surgery now.

Henry tells Matt that he has feelings for Cara. Henry thinks he has found the Truth now. Cara asks Matt a favor: «Will you take me to the prom?».

Julia visits Christian to give him back the bird that he offered to Annie, but it is an excuse to speak about Megan: «how was she like?». She goes to Christian’s bathroom to take his brush, she wants to test the paternity of Matt.

Gina tells Christian that she lied, she still has the baby.

Henry puts back his kippah, «I have no idea who i’m anymore», Henry wants to tell the truth about the accident.

Julia visits Christian to tell the truth about Matt:

Julia: «I just need to be honest with you», but Gina is here and tells Julia that she is the future mother of Christian’s child. Julia is shocked.

Julia doesn’t have the courage to tell Christian the truth about Matt.

Christian: «Am I gonna be a good father?»

Julia: «I hope so».

I don’t think this episode was brilliant but the relationship between Gina and Christian is interesting. They are always fighting together and it won’t be easy for those two people to get along. To me, Sassy story was not very powerful. They should have stronger stories about their patients because this show is turning in a kind of romantic, teenage show like «Beverly Hills» and I don’t think it is a brilliant idea!

Rating: 2


-Nip/Tuck-Episode 10- Adelle Coffin:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 10- Adelle Coffin:

Ouh so nice the first shot of this episode: Dr Troy is working on a single finger, he’s fixing a hand but he attached the fingers incorrectly. Sean is fixing the mistake. Christian thinks he is a bad surgeon but Sean tells him: «you are the planner, i’m the talent». He has an existential crisis about his capacities. It is surprising to see Christian in that state of mind, usually it is Sean who is acting like that.

Romantic diner between Megan and Sean: She throws up. They are speaking about death.

Megan: «There is no more hope». She wants Sean to let her go. «I don’t fear death Sean, I fear the lengthening of it». She’s going to kill herself in a hotel room. Sad scene!

Liz reads the newspaper to Christian about a murder. Christian wants to see the corpse and wants to practice on it.

Sean and Christian learn that they have to take a test in order to continue practicing. Sean and Christian are talking about how their recertification cadavar bodies died:

Sean: «How did your head die?»

Christian: «Heart attack. Yours?»

Sean: « Suicide. Do you believe in that?»

Christian: «I think that if a person is in a great deal of pain, physical or spiritual, and they have exhausted all their options, I wouldn’t judge them for it. I’d say a silent prayer and hope death brought them the piece of mind that life never could give them».

The dead woman head speaks to Sean and she starts to encourage him to help Megan in her suicide. I think it is the first time that the show takes the road of the surnatural. I like it, it reminds me «Sixth feet under».

Megan is in her hotel room writing some goodbye’s letters. Elton John’s «I’m a Rocket man» song is playing, she swallows all the pills. We discover that Sean is here with her, holding her hand.

Megan: «I’m gonna miss you most of all, remember the beginning of me and the middle not the end». Sean is crying and she keeps taking her pills. She puts a bag on her head. Her breathing is getting faster and stops.

Sean is speaking to Julia about Megan’s death,

Julia: «was her husband with her». Julia understands that Sean is sad, she wants to go to the funeral with him.

The dead head speaks again to Sean: «you get rid of Megan’s pain, what about yours? what are you gonna do with your wife? you’re a liar, you are relieved that she’s dead». Sean leaves the class very upset and Christian runs after him. Sean tells him everything about Megan, the affair.

Sean: «you are not a failure Christian, I am the one who lied, i’m the one who cheated, i’m the one who let her die, I should have been strong but i’m weak, screw this test I don’t care!».

Megan’s funeral: her ex husband speaks: «Megan you cheated me, you promiss me for better for worst remember? I deserved to go to the worst with you, I wanted to, it was my place…», he cries. Her ashes go to the ocean, everybody in the assembly has to take some ashes and throw them away in the ocean. Julia and Christian watch Sean who is crying. Julia must feel that something had happened between Megan and Sean.

When they get back home, Julia asks him: «did you have an affair with her?», Sean answers: «Yes, it started just after you lost the baby, right after the time you started to sleep with Jude».

Julia: «I didn’t sleep with jude!» Sean tells her that he found the picture of Jude half nacked. She cries because Sean tells her that he was in love with Megan. She is mad because she can’t even hate a woman who died of a cancert at the age of 36.

Julia: «I don’t have the energy to hate you, to hit you or to love you anymore but you owe me this: what did she give you that I couldn’t?»

Sean: «She saw the good in me, she saw the potential in me, everytime when you look at me I see regrets, isn’t that true? I can’t lose you too Julia»

Julia: «we lost each other a long time ago Sean».

Sean bursts into tears: «I’m so sorry» and they both cry.

What an emotional episode! The scene of Megan’s suicide with Sean was really powerful and extremely moving, I didn’t want to cry because the director probably wanted the watcher to cry. I succeed, I didn’t cry but I was close.

All the episode was sad, just sad and depressing! Don’t watch it alone that’s my main advice! The scenes with the speaking head was the only thing that could have been a bit funny but actually even that was sad! Well I hope the next episode is going to be funnier because this show is starting to be depressing!

Rating: 4


-Nip/Tuck-Episode 9- Sophia Lopez part II:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 9- Sophia Lopez part II:


I wanted to finish this blog on Nip/Tuck during my trip to Canada. Last week, I took the Greyhound bus to Montreal. Ten hours to get to Montreal, so I had plenty of time to finish it! Unfortunatelly, I forgot my external hard drive where I put all the episodes of Nip/Tuck. I don’t know where is my mind sometimes! I was pretty optimistic because when I noticed that we could have the internet connexion in the bus I tought I could watch the episode online. It took me 40 minutes to watch the first ten minutes, so I gave up. No blogging in Canada and so bored in the bus! Now i’m back in New York and I can watch the rest of the show.

Sophia Lopez is back. I really hope this episode is going to be better than the previous. He/She wants to turn his penis into a vagina.

Cara, the girl that Matt and Henry hit moves a finger.

Christian wants to dump Kimber, he acts like a jerk in order to help a friend of his, another surgeon to have her.

Liz and Sophia are having diner together. Sophia gives some advices to Liz to be more beautiful. Liz is single, we understand that she is a lesbian. Two lonely hearts: Sophia says: «behind the make up and the surgery I hope someone will see who is the person inside… shit, this is the worst girls night I ever had».

Liz: «I see the person inside you Sophia»

Sophia: «I see you too Liz»… and they kiss, OMG, that’s pretty wierd! Interesting though.

Julia and Jude are at the gym.. A girl tells Julia that Jude sleeps with women to get pay.

Liz and Sophia: Sophia is going to be operated and he/she says to Liz: «Last night was incredible, i can’t stop thinking about it.»

Liz: «me too, it is the 1st time in a long time that I felt…»… Sophia: «connected».

Sophia doesn’t want to have the operation anymore, «I’m having a sexual identity and a sexual preference crisis, i’m confused».

Sean: «I thought you were with Liz last night…»

Sean and Megan are kissing, Matt knocked at the door, he doesn’t see anything but the couple is pretty embarrassed.

Christian has a romantic diner with Kimber but he’s still acting like a jerk. So she calls the other doctor: the plan worked. The other doctor has the girl and Christian can have a new car.

Matt speaks about lie, faith, God… confess… Sean thinks he’s speaking about Megan: «I’m having an affair», but Matt was speaking about Cara.

Sean: «I won’t see her again, this family is more important to me».This scene is really bad, the acting, the dialogue. To me, it is so cliche and very badly directed.

Kimber slept with the doctor but they didn’t have sex. «There’s nothing going on between us, you’re not my type»… The doctor told her that Christian trated her for a goddam car!

Jude and Julia:

Julia: «you’re  liar, I have found out».

Jude  says that he lied about his nationality, he’s not from England, he’s American and he started this fake British accent to attract women. Susan (Julia’s friend) tells Julia that Jude was a hooker… but he’s not, he’s a trainer, that’s it! He has feelings for Julia.

Jude: «I made up a voice, don’t judge me for trying to be a different person!».

Liz and Sophia:

Liz: «we were together because of loneliness, not because of passion, the truth is you like men, I like women».

Sophia: «we had such chemistry, that’s rare».

Liz: «chemistry can lead to friendship». Sophia is so sad.

Oh no, I’m disappointed, this love story could have been so original! A lesbian and a transexual are in love, I’ve never seen that before!

Kimber finds out how expensive was the car. She tells Christian that it made her hot, she’s flattered. She ties him up and she cuts his belly, he’s scared.

She puts red lipstick, around his eyes, near the mouth: «where you talk shit all the time!»

Christian: «I’ve never loved anyone, it is not your fault» ( it refers to the 1st episode where Christian put red lipstick on her.)

Kimber: «I can’t kill you, you’re already dead… Just to be clear, i’m keeping the car».

She leaves him like this, «you’ll be fine, your maid is coming friday».

Megan’s tumor is coming back, the implant operation lowered her imuned system. Megan: «I don’t need another doctor Sean, I need you but I can’t have you». Sean says that he’s here for her…

Sophia’s operation.

Kimber is going to Christian’s friend, she cries.

I really like watching this episode. Julia and Sean’s problems are starting to be a bit annoying for me. But the unexpected romance between Liz and Sophia was so cool! I like the character of Liz, she should be more present in the show.

Rating: 4

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