-Nip/Tuck-Episode 10- Adelle Coffin:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 10- Adelle Coffin:

Ouh so nice the first shot of this episode: Dr Troy is working on a single finger, he’s fixing a hand but he attached the fingers incorrectly. Sean is fixing the mistake. Christian thinks he is a bad surgeon but Sean tells him: «you are the planner, i’m the talent». He has an existential crisis about his capacities. It is surprising to see Christian in that state of mind, usually it is Sean who is acting like that.

Romantic diner between Megan and Sean: She throws up. They are speaking about death.

Megan: «There is no more hope». She wants Sean to let her go. «I don’t fear death Sean, I fear the lengthening of it». She’s going to kill herself in a hotel room. Sad scene!

Liz reads the newspaper to Christian about a murder. Christian wants to see the corpse and wants to practice on it.

Sean and Christian learn that they have to take a test in order to continue practicing. Sean and Christian are talking about how their recertification cadavar bodies died:

Sean: «How did your head die?»

Christian: «Heart attack. Yours?»

Sean: « Suicide. Do you believe in that?»

Christian: «I think that if a person is in a great deal of pain, physical or spiritual, and they have exhausted all their options, I wouldn’t judge them for it. I’d say a silent prayer and hope death brought them the piece of mind that life never could give them».

The dead woman head speaks to Sean and she starts to encourage him to help Megan in her suicide. I think it is the first time that the show takes the road of the surnatural. I like it, it reminds me «Sixth feet under».

Megan is in her hotel room writing some goodbye’s letters. Elton John’s «I’m a Rocket man» song is playing, she swallows all the pills. We discover that Sean is here with her, holding her hand.

Megan: «I’m gonna miss you most of all, remember the beginning of me and the middle not the end». Sean is crying and she keeps taking her pills. She puts a bag on her head. Her breathing is getting faster and stops.

Sean is speaking to Julia about Megan’s death,

Julia: «was her husband with her». Julia understands that Sean is sad, she wants to go to the funeral with him.

The dead head speaks again to Sean: «you get rid of Megan’s pain, what about yours? what are you gonna do with your wife? you’re a liar, you are relieved that she’s dead». Sean leaves the class very upset and Christian runs after him. Sean tells him everything about Megan, the affair.

Sean: «you are not a failure Christian, I am the one who lied, i’m the one who cheated, i’m the one who let her die, I should have been strong but i’m weak, screw this test I don’t care!».

Megan’s funeral: her ex husband speaks: «Megan you cheated me, you promiss me for better for worst remember? I deserved to go to the worst with you, I wanted to, it was my place…», he cries. Her ashes go to the ocean, everybody in the assembly has to take some ashes and throw them away in the ocean. Julia and Christian watch Sean who is crying. Julia must feel that something had happened between Megan and Sean.

When they get back home, Julia asks him: «did you have an affair with her?», Sean answers: «Yes, it started just after you lost the baby, right after the time you started to sleep with Jude».

Julia: «I didn’t sleep with jude!» Sean tells her that he found the picture of Jude half nacked. She cries because Sean tells her that he was in love with Megan. She is mad because she can’t even hate a woman who died of a cancert at the age of 36.

Julia: «I don’t have the energy to hate you, to hit you or to love you anymore but you owe me this: what did she give you that I couldn’t?»

Sean: «She saw the good in me, she saw the potential in me, everytime when you look at me I see regrets, isn’t that true? I can’t lose you too Julia»

Julia: «we lost each other a long time ago Sean».

Sean bursts into tears: «I’m so sorry» and they both cry.

What an emotional episode! The scene of Megan’s suicide with Sean was really powerful and extremely moving, I didn’t want to cry because the director probably wanted the watcher to cry. I succeed, I didn’t cry but I was close.

All the episode was sad, just sad and depressing! Don’t watch it alone that’s my main advice! The scenes with the speaking head was the only thing that could have been a bit funny but actually even that was sad! Well I hope the next episode is going to be funnier because this show is starting to be depressing!

Rating: 4


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