-Nip/Tuck-Episode 11- Montana/Sassy/Justice:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 11- Montana/Sassy/Justice:

Miss Sassy Caine wants her «tankls» fixed, a contraction for «tank-ankles», alias piano legs and her visible veins.

Christian gets a visit from his nymphomaniac ex Gina Russo who announces she is pregnant from him:«I can’t do it alone, I need your support otherwise, I’ll get rid of it».

Sean can’t even grief Megan because Julia and Matt know who he is crying for.

Christian is not invited at his godchild Annie’s birthday party (the daughter of Julia and Sean). Julia is obviously mad at Christian because he didn’t tell her that he knew Sean’s affair with Megan.

Cara, the girl that Matt almost killed with his car recovered, the chirurgy worked, her face is perfect, only some scars and almost a total amnesia. Now, she wants Matt to go the the prier group with her.

Julia doesn’t want to have sex with Sean, she wants Sean to be tested, he might be infected because of Megan who had blood transfusion.

Sassy is reacting very badly to the operation, she’s having a mental breakdown. Sean asks her: «who is the president of the United States?», her answer is «Al Gore», «she’s fine» says Liz. Ah ah, I like these kind of political references. The doctors learned that she has a multiple personality.

Matt goes to the prayer group, Henry the jewish guy who were in the car with Matt the day of the accident is here too. «does your God forgive criminals?», Cara says: «we are all sinners, so I guess yes», Henry takes off the kippah.

Christian says to Gina that he accepts to help her with the baby, he is one day late and apparently she already had an abortion. She calls him «heartless» and an «unfit father»

Sean’s test results are fine but Julia still can’t have sex with him. He regrets to have told her about Megan. He wants Julia to tell him the truth about her feelings.

Sean: «you need time to forgive me, take your time but let’s not lie to each other anymore, if we want to start over, we gotta start by telling the truth, I don’t want to have a relationship that builds on lies, not anymore».

Julia seems confused, the camera zooms on her face:

Julia: «you’re right Sean, no more lies». This woman has some secrets! The camera zooms on Matt’s picture. There is obviously a lie concerning Matt. Sean is certainly not Matt’s biological father.

Grace Santiago and Sean visit Miss Caine, Sassy wants a breath reduction, the doctors don’t want to go ahead of the procedure. Miss Caine changes in Justice and calls Dr Santiago: «bitch». She’s kinda scary, speaking about justice and equality. Sean wants to schedule Sassy for surgery now.

Henry tells Matt that he has feelings for Cara. Henry thinks he has found the Truth now. Cara asks Matt a favor: «Will you take me to the prom?».

Julia visits Christian to give him back the bird that he offered to Annie, but it is an excuse to speak about Megan: «how was she like?». She goes to Christian’s bathroom to take his brush, she wants to test the paternity of Matt.

Gina tells Christian that she lied, she still has the baby.

Henry puts back his kippah, «I have no idea who i’m anymore», Henry wants to tell the truth about the accident.

Julia visits Christian to tell the truth about Matt:

Julia: «I just need to be honest with you», but Gina is here and tells Julia that she is the future mother of Christian’s child. Julia is shocked.

Julia doesn’t have the courage to tell Christian the truth about Matt.

Christian: «Am I gonna be a good father?»

Julia: «I hope so».

I don’t think this episode was brilliant but the relationship between Gina and Christian is interesting. They are always fighting together and it won’t be easy for those two people to get along. To me, Sassy story was not very powerful. They should have stronger stories about their patients because this show is turning in a kind of romantic, teenage show like «Beverly Hills» and I don’t think it is a brilliant idea!

Rating: 2


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