-Nip/Tuck-Episode 12- Antonia Ramos:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 12- Antonia Ramos:

Miss Maria Amador has two implants in each breast. She thought that she would be hired as a model with such a big breast but she is not.

Breast operation and again we see every details of it! Nice! In the implants there is cocaine and the guys that we have seen in the 1st episode enters to take the drugs. Eduardo Escobar, the baron of Columbian drug wants Maria to travel again to have a new implant operation in Columbia.

Escobar: «Small price to pay for the chance of the American dream», Christian wants to call the police but Escobar says: «Sylvio Perez, you remember? I’m sure you remember where you put his body» (see episode 1). Sylvio Perez stole the money from him in order to get a new face, he wants the money back.

Sophia Lopez meets Julia at the gym. Julia is embarrassed. There is a petition in that gym class to fire Sophia, Julia doesn’t want to sign it. Sophia doesn’t leave the class but all the other girls leave but Julia.

The scene between Christian and Gina is pretty funny, they argue all the time.

Sean and Christian are looking for money.

Matt tells Julia that Sean told him about the affair that he had with Megan. Julia is so mad at Sean.

The doctors have to do a late surgery in order to pay Eduardo Escobar, Liz figures out what is going on. The operation that they were supposed to do is cancel because another girl named Antonia Ramos with cocaine in her implants is not fealing good. A cocain implant exploded in the plane. The doctors try to save her. As soon as the Columbians have the coke implants, they leave letting Antonia Ramos with Sean, Christian and Liz.

Antonia Ramos is better, she says «It’s true what they say about the US, people are better here», she wants to be a model but Liz tells her that the people lied to her, there is no permanent work for her here, she has to leave when her tourist visa expires.

Escobar comes to Sean’s house, threatens Julia and the kids.

Christian is concerned about Gina’s sex life, he doesn’t want her to have sex with guys while she’s pregnant of his baby. Gina cries because she 35 years old and so lonely, she is scared about having this baby. Gina sleeps on the couch but Christian wants to share his bed with her. Looks like their relationship is taking a new way.

Sean comes to Escobar’s house to kick him but Escobar tells him: «you continue to work with my clients and I let your family alone».

The episode ends with another girl who carries coke implants, Escobar is watching the doctor. Looks like they have a really big problem!

This episode was really better, finally! action! This story about the transfer of cocaine was really shocking. It reminds me a really good Columbian/American movie called: «Maria, full of grace». The screenwriters of the show were inspired, well done!

Rating: 5


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