-Nip/Tuck-Episode 13- Escobar Gallardo:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 13- Escobar Gallardo:

The episode starts with a shot on the big breasts carrying coke implants. It looks like their surgery business is starting to be a factory of cocaine!

Christian tells Kimber that he is going to be a father, she is still very mad at him. Kimber lives with Merril now and they are going to get married. Merril is the surgeon who wanted to be the partner of Christian. Now, he wants Christian to move from the city because he is jealous that Kimber still thinks about Christian.

Julia shows the video of her first delivery to Gina. Christian and Sean were in the room. Gina is surprised to see Christian in the room but Julia tells her that they were very close. The first one to carry Matt is Christian not Sean! Julia is pretty moved to watch this video.

Julia’s credit card is denied. She speaks with Sean «You need money? take this» and Julia gives her wedding ring. «Don’t you give up on me» says Sean.

Merril operates on a dog who dies on the table. The scene is pretty funny actually, not because a dog is dying but because Merril tries to save it in doing mouth to mouth with it… Marel wants to throw up.

Gina wants Christian to make love to her to facilitate the labor. Nine months have already passed! She is fed up with carrying the baby. «You started this mess now it is time to finish it!»The sex scene is really funny, they have some problems to find the good position.

Christian: «Jesus, how do fat people have sex?»

Christian says to Sean: «I have never thought I’ll be a father, I didn’t think I had that in me but many ways, i’m more of a man now that I ever thought I’d be»

Sean: «Julia and I are getting a divorce. It’s ironic isn’t it? You’re starting a family and i’m losing one».

Another breasts operation with the cartel monster Escobar watching the scene. Escobar wants the kidney of the girl: «one kidney, I make $100 000!». Sean refuses to do it and Escobar shoots Liz’s leg. They have to take out the kidney.

Christian tells Julia the story of Escobar, he wants her to help Sean.

Sean is desperated, his business is ruined and his wife wants a divore. He exchanges Julia’s ring for a gun and goes to Escobar’s place. Escobar sees the gun and laughs, he doesn’t think Sean has the guts to kill him. Sean is not like Escobar, he doesn’t want to kill. Escobar wants a new skin, a new face to hide himself from the authority: «You do it and you are free, you can have your life back».

Julia comes to Sean’s room hotel: «I want my ring back»

Sean: «I don’t have it»

Julia: «I don’t care, come home!»

Gina is in labor, Christian is here, he is the first one to see the baby, we think  the baby has a problem, is she/he born dead?  No actually it’s a boy and he is black! What a surprised! poor Dr Troy! He doesn’t want to leave the baby, he loves him: «he’s my son».

Julia gets the paternity results. We don’t see anything but in looking at her face we can guess that the father is not Sean.

Four months later: Escobar has his new face and is finally leaving Sean and Christian business. On his way to the airport, the FBI arrests him. The face that the doctors gave him is the face of another criminal named Jorge Barco.

FBI: «Mister Barco a world of advice, next time there is a warn out for your arrest for bank robbery and murder of a federal agent, do more than change your name, change your face». The FBI agent shows him the newspaper with the picture of all the wanted criminals: Jorge Barco and there is also the old him: Escobar Gallardo.

Looks like the story with Escobar Gallardo is not finished, this kind of character always comes back.

The episode ends with Sean and Christian smiling to the camera and asking: «tell me what you don’t like about yourself?»

Nice final episode at the image of the first one. Dynamic and powerful, not sad as it used to be in the middle of the show. Funny and dynamic. I was very surprised by the end with the black baby, I didn’t think Christian would like to raise this baby, apparently he has changed, he’s even ready to forgive Gina. Next season will tell us and there is so many unanswered questions. I can’t wait to see the reaction of Sean, Christian and Matt when Julia will tell them the truth, if she does it, but i’m pretty sure, she will. It is a good beat for the action of the show, cliche though but this kind of story always works.

Rating: 5


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  1. 1 professor Dunphy
    May 17, 2010 at 3:59 am


    I looked through your blog and to answer your question — yes, parts of your personality come out. When you write about a subject and give your opinion that will happen.

    It does here — in fact, just wondering whether or not your personality comes out is a perfect example of your personality. 🙂 Ya get me?

    I am really glad you enjoyed the assignment… I know it’s a bit different but maybe you’ve noticed so am I!!

    Prof. Dunphy

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