-Nip/Tuck-Episode 9- Sophia Lopez part II:

-Nip/Tuck-Episode 9- Sophia Lopez part II:


I wanted to finish this blog on Nip/Tuck during my trip to Canada. Last week, I took the Greyhound bus to Montreal. Ten hours to get to Montreal, so I had plenty of time to finish it! Unfortunatelly, I forgot my external hard drive where I put all the episodes of Nip/Tuck. I don’t know where is my mind sometimes! I was pretty optimistic because when I noticed that we could have the internet connexion in the bus I tought I could watch the episode online. It took me 40 minutes to watch the first ten minutes, so I gave up. No blogging in Canada and so bored in the bus! Now i’m back in New York and I can watch the rest of the show.

Sophia Lopez is back. I really hope this episode is going to be better than the previous. He/She wants to turn his penis into a vagina.

Cara, the girl that Matt and Henry hit moves a finger.

Christian wants to dump Kimber, he acts like a jerk in order to help a friend of his, another surgeon to have her.

Liz and Sophia are having diner together. Sophia gives some advices to Liz to be more beautiful. Liz is single, we understand that she is a lesbian. Two lonely hearts: Sophia says: «behind the make up and the surgery I hope someone will see who is the person inside… shit, this is the worst girls night I ever had».

Liz: «I see the person inside you Sophia»

Sophia: «I see you too Liz»… and they kiss, OMG, that’s pretty wierd! Interesting though.

Julia and Jude are at the gym.. A girl tells Julia that Jude sleeps with women to get pay.

Liz and Sophia: Sophia is going to be operated and he/she says to Liz: «Last night was incredible, i can’t stop thinking about it.»

Liz: «me too, it is the 1st time in a long time that I felt…»… Sophia: «connected».

Sophia doesn’t want to have the operation anymore, «I’m having a sexual identity and a sexual preference crisis, i’m confused».

Sean: «I thought you were with Liz last night…»

Sean and Megan are kissing, Matt knocked at the door, he doesn’t see anything but the couple is pretty embarrassed.

Christian has a romantic diner with Kimber but he’s still acting like a jerk. So she calls the other doctor: the plan worked. The other doctor has the girl and Christian can have a new car.

Matt speaks about lie, faith, God… confess… Sean thinks he’s speaking about Megan: «I’m having an affair», but Matt was speaking about Cara.

Sean: «I won’t see her again, this family is more important to me».This scene is really bad, the acting, the dialogue. To me, it is so cliche and very badly directed.

Kimber slept with the doctor but they didn’t have sex. «There’s nothing going on between us, you’re not my type»… The doctor told her that Christian trated her for a goddam car!

Jude and Julia:

Julia: «you’re  liar, I have found out».

Jude  says that he lied about his nationality, he’s not from England, he’s American and he started this fake British accent to attract women. Susan (Julia’s friend) tells Julia that Jude was a hooker… but he’s not, he’s a trainer, that’s it! He has feelings for Julia.

Jude: «I made up a voice, don’t judge me for trying to be a different person!».

Liz and Sophia:

Liz: «we were together because of loneliness, not because of passion, the truth is you like men, I like women».

Sophia: «we had such chemistry, that’s rare».

Liz: «chemistry can lead to friendship». Sophia is so sad.

Oh no, I’m disappointed, this love story could have been so original! A lesbian and a transexual are in love, I’ve never seen that before!

Kimber finds out how expensive was the car. She tells Christian that it made her hot, she’s flattered. She ties him up and she cuts his belly, he’s scared.

She puts red lipstick, around his eyes, near the mouth: «where you talk shit all the time!»

Christian: «I’ve never loved anyone, it is not your fault» ( it refers to the 1st episode where Christian put red lipstick on her.)

Kimber: «I can’t kill you, you’re already dead… Just to be clear, i’m keeping the car».

She leaves him like this, «you’ll be fine, your maid is coming friday».

Megan’s tumor is coming back, the implant operation lowered her imuned system. Megan: «I don’t need another doctor Sean, I need you but I can’t have you». Sean says that he’s here for her…

Sophia’s operation.

Kimber is going to Christian’s friend, she cries.

I really like watching this episode. Julia and Sean’s problems are starting to be a bit annoying for me. But the unexpected romance between Liz and Sophia was so cool! I like the character of Liz, she should be more present in the show.

Rating: 4


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