Nip/Tuck: Final post…

Thirteen episodes, two months of Nip/Tuck and blogging, what an interesting experience to watch a show for your homework! It was my first experience as a blogger and I must admit it is kind of hard to express yourself through a show like Nip/Tuck. I watched this show at home, I was all the time by myself in front of my computer. There is so much sex and violence, that I couldn’t take the risk to link that to my personal life. I know that the purpose of a blog is to get the personality of the one who writes it. I’m not sure you are getting my personality through this blog but I think I tried pretty hard to get the whole story of this first season. I hope it would give the curiosity to some people to try the Nip/Tuck experience. Anyway, I really liked watching this show and because I like Nip/Tuck you can have a taste of my personality. I think I will have the desire to watch the other seasons. My favorite character is still Christian Troy, very well portrayed by Julian McMahon, his psychological evolution as a character is obvious. I don’t really like Julia and Matt who are always put in cliches situations.

I am curious about the feelings that Julia and Christian have for each other, I’m wondering if something is going to happen between them.

I’m pretty sure that Julia and Sean’s marriage is not going to last.

Lots of people told me that the other seasons are pretty bad so I want to check this out. Lots of people were also surprised to see that I chose this show, I heard lots of negative things about Nip/Tuck. The first season was good, lots of scenes were pretty bad and cliche as I already said but a show can’t be perfect. There were lots of sex and violence but it is not the only things that can summarize Nip/tuck. This show deals with deep issues concerning our modern societies: the desire to be perfect, beauty, immigration, racism, religion, sexual identity crisis, the will to perfection that can lead to loneliness… Nip/Tuck is original in its agressive ugliness and in its will to reflect a crual reality which exists. Some people can face it but it is always hard to see the “ugly truth”.


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