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The Free Speech and its controversies…

This excerpt from “Shooting Fire”, the documentary of Liza Garbus explores free speech and its controversies in the U.S. This part  is striking in its example of the Nazis who came to Strokie, a Chicago suburb in the 1970s. There are many Jewish citizens in this city directly related to a survivor of the Holocaust. These victims resettled in America expecting to lead peaceful lives free from persecution. Unfortunately, a Neo-Nazi group announced its intention to parade there in 1977.

The debate was clear: American Nazis claimed the right of free speech while the Jewish people claimed the right to live peacefully without being remembered this terrible part of History.


To me, the Nazis shouldn’t be allowed to march. Any forms of action inciting or promoting hatred against people should be forbidden. The attempt of march of the Nazis in Strokie was just a provocation, to inflict severe emotional harm on the Jewish population. What’s shocking is that the American Civil Liberties Union, despite severe criticism represented the 1st Amendment rights for the Nazis. The Nazis won the case, the arguments against them were not enough powerful. This event was one of the great victories for the 1st Amendment in American history. It is so revolting to see an event like this, the liberty of free speech should have been limited. It was the Nazi party! In a country like the U.S which proclaim “freedom” as the main word, it is shocking to notice that they used this word in favor of the Nazis.

I’m wondering if today it would be possible to let Islamic people march in the streets of New york to protest against the American government or would it be possible to let extremists/terrorists march in the U.S?