I’m French and to answer those issues about Ward Churchill are not that easy. I’ve never heard about this guy in France, I red a bit about the case of Churchill  and I’m going to have a different approach to answer to a delicate subject like this one.

From my point of view, Ward Chuchill shouldn’t have been fired, an intellectual should never been banished from a university. The U.S are supposed to be the country of Freedom (you can proclaim the 1st amendment, freedom of speech) and when someone fire a professor (for having express his/her opinion) from an academic institution, it reminds me some totalitarian systems.

Ward Churchill’s political opinions are strong and he doesn’t think like the majority of Americans but that’s great not to think like the others.

He used the expression «little Eichman» to speak about the victims of 9/11. To compare the victims to a former Nazi leader is really not a good idea, Churchill could have been more subtle to expose his opinion.

The university administration’s reaction was pretty violent and to say that they fired him for having plagiarized is the peak of hypocrisy. They fired him because of his political opinion.

It is a good think (especially in universities) to have someone who thinks in a different way so the students can built their own opinions. All the professors should teach both side of an issue, it is better in terms of pedagogy, nothing is all «black», nothing is all «white» . Chuchill’s students never complained about their professor, he was not doing propaganda. Morover, he never said he was against the US, he just wanted to understand why something so terrible happened in the US territory and not in another country. If there is so much polemic in the US about Ward Churchill it is probably because there is a part of truth that nobody wants to hear.


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